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We support you to maximise performance

Welcome to SelfSense, a pioneering organisation change and development consultancy.  We support you to re-invent your overall strategy and style of operation to sustain business improvements.

Using our expertise in coaching, mentoring and mediation we help you to build the trust and competence that delivers change across your enterprise. We work with leaders and teams to drive innovation and high performance along the right path and go beyond expectations.

We live in a world that is uncertain and complex, in which our work and personal lives are disrupted and constantly changing. We can feel stuck, unsure of how to move forward, with little time to do all we must do. We may even struggle to find meaning and purpose.

Your role as executive leader is to steer the entity through organisation-wide change effectively. You create the atmosphere where talents are nurtured and where all eyes are on delivery improvements. Your job is to pay attention to relationships and to bravely address the conflicts that arise.

SelfSense can help you find your solutions to questions related to your work or life.

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Our Services

SelfSense packages offer quality coaching in many areas, supporting and encouraging teams and groups with tools to confidently face their challenges to overcome their barriers to achieve their realistic goals and more. 

Our Approach

“The only definition of a leader I know is someone who has followers.” Peter Drucker

“Leaders are people committed to creating a world to which people want to belong.” Robert Dilts

Relationships are at the heart of our lives.

Performing at their best.

"SelfSense a coaching consultancy supporting leadership teams find their own solutions to the challenges of diversity within a global marketplace.”

“We believe that enlightened attitudes and commitment to continuous improvement are the hallmarks of world-class organisations."

"When you can influence people across the spectrum of perspectives you have the most impact.”

Our People

Joyce Okenwa -  Director

Les Brookes - Associate Life Skills Coach


SelfSense coaches provide guidance, objectivity and empowerment to help leaders make the most of their lives. We also help people with emotional/ psychological concerns using talking therapies.

Our Clients

SelfSense work with a broad range of organisations to provide a wide range of coaching programmes from executive and board coaching to parental transition coaching.  Many clients are introduced through referrals. Click here for comments from some of our clients.