If your thoughts shape your life, then would you want what you are thinking just now to become true for you? If it’s a thought of worry or anger or hurt or revenge or fear, how do you think this thought might come back to you? It’s not always easy to catch your thoughts because they move so swiftly but we can begin right now to watch and listen to what we say, so that if you hear yourself being negative, particularly about yourself , stop right there. Rephrase the sentence or drop it. Imagine being at a buffet in a hotel where rather than dishes of food, the dishes contained thoughts. You get to choose any and all of the thoughts you wish and these thoughts will create your future experiences. Choose thoughts that create pain, hurt, frustration and guilt and you’ll realise that you have chosen unwisely. Then, when you realise which thoughts upset you, just like which foods upset your tummy, then you stay away from those thoughts like you stay away from those foods. Our minds create our future, so we must use our minds to change our thoughts for our own good and we can begin to do this right now!!  Les Brookes

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