The thoughts we think accumulate, and mostly when we are unaware, old, negative, crushing thoughts resurface. When we have decided to reprogramme our minds, it is normal and natural that we go a little forward, come a little back and go forwards again. It’s all a part of practicing. To flow with the system of life, remember what we say about computers- garbage in, garbage out! If you put negative thoughts into your mind, then negative experiences and reactions come out. It takes time and not a small amount of effort to practice and to learn new ways of thinking, but be patient with and be kind to yourself, after all, you have the whole of the rest of your life left to do this, even though I know you want all of the answers and all of the changes now!! Of course you do, that’s natural, but it will take time, just like getting to Peru and going up mount Alcamarinayoc, you can’t do it today. Whatever you do today though that is positive and that feels right will take you another or a few steps on this journey that accelerates as you get better at clearing out the cupboard of your mind and filling it with the nice, positive thoughts that you wish for. So what are you going to do today? How about spending even only a little time in meditation or in silent contemplative thought about where you are going and what you want. Go on, you can do that! Les Brookes

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