Relationships are at the heart of our lives

Performing at their best

“The only definition of a leader I know is someone who has followers.” Peter Drucker

Our Approach

Many of the existing systems for raising performance are outdated and even toxic. As leaders and coaches our training often directs us to operate within static models focused on performance.

Established in 1995 and rebranded in 2017. We use our expertise in coaching, mentoring and mediation to facilitate change for people at key transition points in their lives:

  • We do our research to understand you and the pressures you face.
  • We evaluate the evidence to assess the impact of your change initiatives.
  • We create the safe space for you and your team to explore hurdles on the path to change

SelfSense can support you to build your human capacity and develop a reflective approach, so that you empower and boost your team’s performance. We bring an outsider’s view, take a holistic approach that focuses on the health and well-being of you, your team and your organisation. Clients tell us they like working with us because they can have a single, director level point of contact at each stage of their project.

We can work alongside internal human resources(HR) and organisation development (OD) teams to empower employees.

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