3M General Sales & Marketing Manager

"I am now a fan of Executive Coaching. What I had originally thought was a bit of self-indulgence, not to mention something a little embarrassing to mention in polite company, has significantly contributed to a noticeable improvement in self-confidence, performance and self-awareness. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and it has also helped me to position myself within the organisation. Although it is not always easy to be taken into some sensitive areas of your own emotional map, it is an exhilarating journey!

"As for the work Joyce has done with my team, I feel the investment in time and energy has already been repaid. We perform with a level of honesty and mutual respect which is, I believe, extremely rare in the corporate world. Would I do it all again should I work with another group? Absolutely. With SelfSense? Without question."


BT Customer Project Manager

"I feel able to speak for the entire group of ten graduate mangers who have just returned from a Managing Effective Relationships training course.  Although I believe that there were no pre-conceived expectations regarding the course the formal and informal feedback sessions highlighted the effectiveness of both the course and the trainer, Joyce Chandler.

"It would be an understatement to say that the group was inspired and positively motivated throughout the entire three days course.  This was due to a combination of interesting and challenging subject matter that was delivered by an enthusiastic and vibrant tutor.  This approach helped to create an energetic and stimulating work environment for all group members".


Senior Civil Servant, Managing Diversity, HM Prison Service

"Thank you (Joyce) for facilitating this course on such a complex subject, and with a difficult organisation.  The context and style of delivery was first class and I wish to speak to you about executive coaching."


3M General Sales & Marketing Manager

"Joyce is different. You feel it within minutes of first meeting her and you continue to feel it for the duration of the relationship. It is this that differentiates her from competitors and makes clients who are lucky enough to discover her want to use her over and over again. "Joyce has helped me to strengthen my mind, see things with a greater degree of perspective and clarify very complex personal and business issues. As such decision-making has been greatly improved and confidence levels enhanced. She is not cheap, in fact her fee structure could be defined as expensive, however, to be put off by the price would be to miss out on a value 100 times greater. In a world full of mediocre consultants, Joyce is a genuine star who has added value to my business and enriched my life".


Secondary School Teacher

I have not only gained an incredible amount of inner strength and resolve, I have gradually started to view everything in my life through new eyes. I found that the rigid negative framework that I had built for myself was not indestructible, as I had always believed.

I now feel so empowered in knowing that I can choose to view things in a different way from that with which I have previously viewed them, and in doing so can be in control of where my life is heading and what I want it to look like.

I would absolutely recommend (Les) to anyone who wants to start to take control of their lives and overcome their anxieties and fears.



As a result of circumstances in my personal life, I became withdrawn, lost my confidence and was unsure how to face my future. After several sessions where I talked about my feelings and self-doubts with Les, he helped me to find my self-belief again. He helped me to realises that my feelings were a perfectly normal reaction to the events that had taken place in my life and that I could build self-belief again with some simple strategies. With his patience and understanding I feel I am on the way to becoming my old self again and I am grateful to have found help at a time when I was at a very low point.