"Leadership is as much about ‘being’ as ‘doing’. Paying attention to our development, we maximise the impact on those around us.”

Our people are inspired by learning and health. Learning empowers us to reflect deeply and to embrace practice informed by evidence-based research related to the human experience. Our focus is on your organisation’s health and well-being. This means we take a holistic approach to change that addresses fundamental success factors. Our people invest in maintaining the same level of excellence and professionalism we advocate for our clients.

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Our People


Joyce Okenwa - Director

Joyce has significant experience as a leader in business and not-for-profit entities such as the BBC, NHS and University College London. She has over 30 years in education, leadership development, organisational change and pharmaceutical research with organisations in the UK and overseas. Joyce enjoys keeping fit, golf, current affairs and learning to play the djembe drum. Joyce can work with you to:

  • develop the insights and self-confidence to make the tough decision to go beyond expectations
  • explore the impact of cultural influences on performance and successful leadership
  • demonstrate the leadership to make the organisation’s purpose a success and value-based
  • empower people to embrace change and to create a learning organisation
  • learn skills to help you manage difficult emotions more effectively.

Joyce has qualifications as a coach, teacher, mediator, headteacher, human resources and consultant. She is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and is a professional member of the CIPD, AC, ANLP, ADRg and CMC.




Les Brookes - Associate Life Skills Coach

Les has extensive experience in fashioning efficient and effective leadership and management teams in schools. Les is a published author, writing on the topics of anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia in which similar tools have proved to be effective. Les can work with you to:

  • align the values and objectives of the organisation with the skills, intelligences and desires of the executives in the work force
  • build and develop teams and to support individuals in the achievement of their goals and identify development and training required
  • determine your ambitions and plans for your careers an align your plans to that of the organisation
  • rationalise the components of any obstacle to development and put strategies in place to resolve these quickly

Les has qualifications in recruitment, school leadership, education and management. He is a member of CMI

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