Conflict Management 

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, both in the workplace and at home.  Workplace behaviour may be more contained, leaders and their teams are people first and foremost and it is not possible to take the ‘personal’ entirely out of the ‘professional’. Training teams to manage conflict offers opportunities to reduce the negative effects of poor responses to conflict within teams. It helps people harness their emotions, personality and experience to learn to deal with conflict.

Are you improving organisational performance through better management of conflict at work?
We do this by harnessing the power of constructive conflict and the diversity of your people’s experience and views. We support you to design interventions that resolve damaged workplace relationships.

We are skilled at helping people at all levels to work through their difficulties to build more resilient relationships. Our team relationship facilitation programme is designed to train and coach your team to develop conflict management and dispute resolution competencies.

Our programmes are highly experiential, interactive and fun. Each module places great emphasis on reflection and effective feedback skills. These require the demonstration of highly personal communication and relationship competencies often ignored in most traditional management training and development approaches. Our programmes develop high quality feedback skills. Programmes are customised to your specific to establish the climate for understanding so that personal bias are sensitively aired to enable resolutions.

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