How it works

To start your journey to your best self, a free 30-minute introductory phone call will help you and Joyce decide how productively you can work together. 

If Joyce believes she can support you and you are ready to make the changes you want, you will jointly develop a personal programme tailored for you.

Through sessions you will gain insights into your relationship to previously difficult aspects of your life. You will develop your strategies for building resilience and states of health and well-being and interdependency.

Tools are draw from several sources such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) to address how you can build resilience to trauma, depression or anxiety.

There a packages for both individuals and groups facing significant changes and unresolved conflict. Your employer may consider funding a programme.

A time to reflect on your situation, emotions and relationships that you feel are overwhelming.

• how your emotions effect you and others
• how your difficult relationships can enrich you
• the power and resources within you

The path to a more connected, balanced and fulfilling life!

Sample packages available:

The Break Thru: nine hours total coaching usually delivered over 2-6 weeks including two ‘In-Touch’ phone sessions.

The Stress Resolvers: between three and four 30-45 minute sessions over the phone and two ‘In-Touch’ calls.

The Personal Investment: A longer term phone and/or video relationship delivered over three to twelve months.

The ‘As You Like It’: Coaching sessions can also be booked in six 1-hour blocks.

Sessions support you to make full use of all the health resources available to you – which include your doctor and other health professionals. Sustaining change does not have to feel always ‘hard work’.